Damen Dredging Equipment B.V.

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Over  Damen Dredging Equipment B.V. 

The company started modestly in the late 1930s as De Groot Nijkerk, working as a dredging contractor in the construction of the IJsselmeer polders. Gradually focus shifted from contracting jobs to repairs of dredgers. The next logical step was new building of dredge equipment.De Groot Nijkerk was acquired by the Damen Group in 1988. It was a perfect match and both companies combined their specific knowledge of the dredging market. For years De Groot Nijkerk continued to market its dredgers and trailing suction pipe systems under its own name. Eventually in 2004 the company name changed to Damen Dredging Equipment. 

Damen’s unique shipbuilding concept is based on what our customers want: the best quality, proven designs, short delivery times, low maintenance and excellent resale value. The result is a work method with the perfect balance between standardisation and custom-built dredgers. And of course we offer a broad range of customer services.

Damen Dredging Equipment provides, as it has done for the past 70 years, high-end innovative solutions to the challenges dredging contractors face. Modularly built dredgers and the variety of dredging components available meet all the tough conditions faced by the dredging industry.

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Damen Dredging Equipment
Published on
14 november 2016